God is funny, and He's got great timing....

Without going into details, I was a little discouraged today. It wasn't anything anyone did, more of the longer term effects of a six month period full of adjustments where nothing is static and everything is shifting. Add to that the clear blue sky that always reminds me of 9.11.01 this time of year. All weekend I've been rehashing the whole tragedy. Anyhow, feeling sort of down an hour ago, as I walked to the mailbox, I whispered a prayer..."Lord, I need some encouragement. It would be great if it came in the mail."

I opened the mail box to find a pledge card from some people who have heard only the very basics of what God's called us to do. Not only did they make a monthly pledge to support us (very important - our one-time gifts going into this have been strong, but monthly budget support is still, as they say, in development!), but when they sent their info to have it directly charged to their debit card, they bumped the amount a few bucks to cover the processing fees. An incredibly kind gesture, both on their part and God's.

The value of the pledge was 10x the dollar amount because of the timing in which it arrived. To know He was thinking of us today is incredible. God's good.

Race you to the mailbox.

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