What a weekend.

We had dinner guests Friday night - talked house of prayer, Rusty's snake adventures and the Vineyard Boy Band 'till late into the night with three other couples - the Geverdts, the Heiberts and the Candlers. Heiberts & Candlers have serious roots here @ IHOP. Dana Heibert and her sister, Deborah Candler (2 of a set of triplets) have been here since day one.

Saturday, we hosted the New Staff Entrance Program pizza bash...a hundred people showed up at our house! It was great - they spilled out into the back yard and into the basement. Kids, pepperoni and grape soda everwhere. A good time was had by all.

Today we gathered with Kirk & Dee Bennet, Marcus & Rachel Meiers, and the Geverdts to eat and talk about their journeys...everyone here has an amazing story. We're going to have our own.

The boys are up late now that they've discovered an online guide to cheats to Tony Hawk ProSkater....hmmm. Might need to go whoop'm.

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