It's a lazy Sunday morning. Allow me, for a moment, to sing the praises of being a part of a church with multiple celebrations. It was a very late night - Zion was not feeling well, so rather than going to our normal 8:30 AM celebration, we played lazy and are going tonight. I know, some of you are raging about the consumer mentality that has infiltrated the church, yada yada yada. All I know for sure is that it's good to be reading the paper over a vanilla latte this morning and I'll be there tonight. Lighten up. This is no time for a postmodern church nazi lecture. It's almost Christmas, for crying out loud.

Been thinking about the brightest people I know...and noticing something. For the most part, the genius types that I've known are often the most eccentric. In fact, there's almost a direct correlation; those off-the-scale brilliant are usually off-the-scale strange. I think that's why the movie A Beautiful Mind was so intriguing to me. Also enjoyed an article in Atlantic Monthly on chess-playing egghead Bobby Fisher who is now on the radio in the Phillipines, ranting against world plots against him. These folks make me grateful for my mediocre IQ. I don't think I'd deal with brilliance well. Fortunately, it's obviously not a problem. :)

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