I used to think that much of the web was worthless. Now, there's a site to prove my point. I found it linked from another blog by Brian Schermerhorn.

Spent a few minutes surfing other blogs today - something I rarely do. Discovered that a great many bloggers actually are saying some profound things...all the while I'm linking to photos of Bootsie Collins and news stories of Michael Jackson dangling children from balconies. Well, so much for being the intellectual of the crowd. I'll try harder.

In the wanting-to-be-intellectual department, I suggest you read my favorite book of the year (my year, not the publishing year), Bowling Alone, the Collapse and Revival of American Community by Robert Putnam. It can be found in most bookstores and Amazon.com. Probably on ebay too, for that matter. It's chock-full of stuff for dataheads, of which I think I may a repressed example. A jillion graphs and charts about sociology, plus more on the website, including one showing the lessened likelihood of a church volunteer to use an obscene gesture in traffic. No kidding.

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