Good evening, faithful readers.  I was going to say 'faithful
followers' but that has sort of a cultish ring to it.

Working on the house today, getting it ready for the yet-undiscovered new
owners, as we have put a contract on another home in Sharonville.  Funny
how you live with all these idiosyncracies in a home until you sell it, and
then you fix it for the new owner.  Example:  We finished our basement
ourselves...well, almost.    I had an electrician wire all the
lights but didn't hook them to the power box because I had to put some outlets
in.  A year ago.  Been using lamps in the basement ever
since.  Now that it's for sale, I'll have to have him come back so the
switches actually do something.

How 'bout those Ohio State fans.  I don't understand rioting, particularly
when you've won.    Seems to be a tragic confluence of youth and

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