In the "You Don't See That Every Day" Department: Check out the photgraphy experiment "Folding Time". If you have Quicktime 6.0, you can watch a time lapse of the assembly of, partying around, and eventual incineration of the Burning Man. They condense about two weeks into six minutes. That seems like life in general lately.

It's TurkeyFest at the Vineyard today - the local Commission on Aging sent us contact info for hundreds of needy elderly people who will receive a turkey dinner w/all the extras (I know the word is 'fixin's', but I just can't bring myself to use the word 'fixin's'). It was very cool - info was delivered in an excell spreadsheet which made it super easy to contact them, etc. Gotta love it when stuff works. Major kudos to Wizard of Logistics and Evangelism Kyle Wade.

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