You'll have to forgive me for my slackerdly posting habits. I've been covered up with meetings, etc...in addition, the fall Alpha session closed this Wednesday. How cool it is to see that many people go through a ten week course investigating the basics.

In the Big News Department...we've put a contract on a house, contingent on the sale of ours. The house itself is great...but the yard was the clincher. It sits on an acre, with a creek running through the back. If you follow the creek 1/2 block it will deposit you directly in the backyard of fellow Vineyard pastor Rusty & Jen Gevert. Our 3 boys love playing with their 2 boys/1 girl, so it'll be Kid Central. Anyone want to buy a house in Kings Mills? Motivated seller....

Next weekend we kick off our Christmas Wrapping Outreach in the Tri County Mall. Kyle Wade's done a killer job of designing a fun spot for people to hang out while we serve them.

Best Idea of the Week: Alpha Operations Coordinator Extraordinaire Christine Ransdell showed up 3 minutes late to an 8:30 AM meeting yesterday, toting Starbucks for everyone. The quality of the meeting quadrupled. Christine for President.

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