Back home again. Had a great time with the church family of Hosanna Fellowship, near Johnson City, TN. Just a bunch of young people singing their hearts out and hungry for an encounter. How cool.

On the return trip, we stopped at Max & Erma's in Lexington. While walking across the parking lot, I cut in front of friend Steve Eklund's Suburban (we were caravaning it) and gave that sudden deer in the headlights I'm gonna die stare before they cruised close and I dove out of the way. Only then did I realize that Steve's Suburban was parked elsewhere. Oh well...gave the strangers something to talk about.

The last twenty miles or so, Kelsey and I listened to a recent tape from the Kansas City House of Prayer...sobering, indeed, as it revisted much of what God spoke to Kelsey five years ago regarding coming judgement. Our nation has played the part of the golden child of history...a favored nation, indeed, but favored by who? I'm reminded of a drama piece I did for competition in High School....just two characters, myself, playing a recently deceased man, and my spirit guide, Watson, played by Allison Olsen. In the piece, anything I asked for, my guide would produce...food, entertainment, etc. Eventually, I grow bored and irritable and demand "What kind of place is this? I'm bored! I want to go to hell!" At that point, my guide said "Where do you think you are?"

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