I don't know html. I don't know if I'll get consistent enough at this to make it worth reading. I do know I tried blogging once before and did so religiously for about two days before something stole my attention....what was I saying? Anyway, here goes my second attempt. I'll try it for a week or two before letting people know I'm actually blogging...especially all the cool hoity-toity bloggers with fancy pages with their picture and stuff.

We're in Tennessee tonight - going home tomorrow. Kelsey (beloved wife) has been teaching at a prayer and worship conference - did great as always. It's fun to see others get a picture of how incredibly cool my wife is. Joke of the day - one little old lady at the conference saw me and asked Kels "Is that your father?". I'm THREE FREAKING YEARS OLDER than she is.

Well, I'll post this and see how it looks...After all, at my age...I'll probably forget the url.

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