Big old honking moon. That's what was staring me in the face as I navigated I-275 this morning. The moon was huge and bright, throwing more light than the feeble lamps of my VW. It was there, staring at the monster moon, signaling that I was about to exit onto Mosteller, when it dawned on me...I live in a city that has never been bombed. Now, I'm not given to such revelations on a daily basis, so this may seem pretty basic to you, but THINK about it. Find a city in Europe that, over the course of the centuries, hasn't had a first-hand account of war. Go to the orient and look for a burg that has known uninterupted peace since the first settlers settled. Granted, we've been IN wars, but we've never hosted one. All the holes in I-75 were created under peaceful conditions. Our children don't hide from airplanes. The ramifacations our endless. Okay, so maybe it's just profound to me...

Back in the office today. Contrary to most of the world, I love Mondays. Most of the office takes Mondays off, so it's a great day to get things done (or reappopriate office supplies...).


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