morning ruminations...

The sun is beginning to poke up over the church building across the street that serves as our eastern horizon. It's playing off the gorgeous color that hangs from all of the oak trees lining our street...yellow, orange, red and a color that can only be called redder or Extreme Red Makeover.

Truly, this is the great and terrible season of the oak tree. They are at once a deciduous and apocalyptic sight. At this moment, with my laptop before me and my trusty coffee mug at my side, they are glorious....however, as those leaves continue fall like the stock market, we find the transition between the sacred and profane.

Forerunner School of Ministry freshman had some sort of service hours to do this week. For three days straight, two nice young men showed up at my door at 9am and raked their little hearts out, redefining theological education in the context of night and day yard work.

They would work for 2 to 3 hours, but leaves were falling so fast that even before they left, it was hard to see that they'd done anything (although they managed to rake, mulch and bag TWENTY bags of leaves, saving me hours of work!).

Thanks, guys. Your work is not in vain, even though it appeared as if it were. Now go study Sisyphus with a new understanding.


Sean The Red said...

Extreme Red Makeover?

Can I get one of those?

Loose Arrow said...

Hey, how do I get those freshmen over to my house for some fun? I have pretty leaves too!

PS. The Word Verification is imetro. Yeah, I don't THINK so!

Anonymous said...