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Meeting Jesus' Other Half / by randy bohlender

It’s an interesting conundrum of fact and perception that God Almighty, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are forever unchanging, and yet our theology - the specific thought set we have about them - is not. The very thoughts and feelings we have toward that which does not change changes over time. I’m thinking particularly about our Christology, which seems to swing, pendulum-like, between two of the facets of Jesus’ - redeemer on one side and judge on the other.

Let me preface this by saying that I grew up having had a brush with legalism. My family wasn’t really into it, but I had friends who were borderline Pentecostal Amish with their zeal for obscure rules. The rules varied from house to house. Some played cards, some didn’t, and a third group played but not on Sundays. Most didn’t dance, a few did if it were deemed in the Spirit, and even fewer just danced because they were happy, although that issue may have been more a reflection of how little happiness there was in that camp than any real dance conviction.


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