Download a newsletter!

We finally compiled the short version of the story of the twins adoption (for those of you who were unable to track the twitternado!).

You can download it now and read it in the comfort of your own recliner.

If you don't mind, forward it to someone else with a heart for adoption!


Anonymous said...

congratulations! I stumbled onto your blog via a yahoo group posting...crazy, I often don't read the posts. We have a huge heart for adoption also. We have 5 adopted children and the last 3 were done with MADONNA! We just love her. Our six year old was born in Tallahassee and the last two in Panama City! We hope to perhaps adopt at least one more.
Lesley in FL

Randy Bohlender said...

Lesley - that's awesome! And you're right - Madonna is amazing. Congrats on your five, we're up by one but it's not even the fourth quarter yet...