morning brain dump

I'm sitting at the kitchen table. The light is low and the only sound I can hear is the hrrrrmmmmm of this little vibrating attachment that clips on to the baby bouncy thing (pardon my technical terms). Perched in the baby bouncy thing is Ms. Mercy Rain. She woke up before her sisters but now is finding some strange comfort in the gentle shaking and hrrrrmmmming. It sounds remarkably like my old Audi 5000 did when it was low on oil.

Yesterday, I heard about a new feature on Ford cars, set to role out next year. It's a computer chip that allows parents of teenagers to limit the car's speed to 80 miles per hour and keep the radio from turning up past half blast. I don't know about the radio, but they had the speed-limiting technology in my own teen years. It was called pulling off 3 of the spark plug wires.

Our adoption continues to progress nicely. We've gathered about 40% of the necessary funds, much of it from people who we barely know or don't know at all. One would think that a person would grow accustom to how uniquely God provides but it's still a shocker. He's good and He has some remarkable people out there.

One thing that is settling in more than ever is how much life will change with these two little ones. Zoe is a joy, but she didn't put us over the tipping point - we could still pretty much maintain our own patterns. These two....it's different. First of all, just having twins is enough to mess with your daytimer (do those things still exist?). When the twins are numbers 5 and 6 in the tribe, it really gets you to thinking twice about everything. Regular cars, houses, grocery lists, etc., no longer apply.

The best part is that the logistics are the least of the changes. I can't wait to see the fulness of what these two bring to our family.


Anonymous said...

Our bouncy chair has been a life-saver with our little guy. Ours also has the clip-on box thingy for vibrations and music, but we found he preferred us bouncing him with our feet - so we've learned to multitask - I happen to be bouncing him as I type this! :) We've put a lot of miles on this bouncy chair!!

Somedays are Worth Remembering said...

Wow! I am not sure that I could wrap my head around that. I was feeding Shiloh at 3am this morning and man was I tired. I can not even think what that is like x2. Wow again!