Video Update...


Tracie said...

Ok, they cannot possibly be cuter! I just want to touch them!!!

My heart is incredibly full over this!

Loose Arrow said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! What awesome gifts to your family from the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Oh,my! Look what the Lord has done!!!! Doesn't your heart just melt and your knees go weak every time you look at them?

Mrs. I. : )

Shelley Paulson said...

How'd you get them to do it at the same time? You're already getting the hang of twins. Go Randy!

Danielle said...

They are so wonderful!

Caleb Hickey said...

showed my roommate some pics of your girls... after a couple he bursts out "their not connected to each other, are they?"

i got a chuckle out of it. had to show him the video where you and kelsey are holding them and their not snuggled up to each other.

which, btw, is absolutely adorable. you guys got your socks blessed off.

Megan Strong said...

My heart is sooo moved by the two.... four of you! Im gonna need to know the next time you guys come through Cinci! I need to meet these precious babies!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, they are so precious, I could just scream! But not too loudly, because then, they would be scared of me.

Hannah W.

Anonymous said...


You have yet to give the twins' vitals:

Length in inches.
Head circumference.
Hair/eye "color" (I know, eyes are hard to determine color with newborns, and we can see their hair is dark):



Anonymous said...


I see I requested both "ht" and "length in inches." You'd think I was the one up with babies in the night. How kind of you to not remark on the 'tupidness and graciously give the vitals.


Anonymous said...


Angela B