Good morning....

We're up, if not at'm, on a fine Sunday morning in the Florida panhandle. The girls ate around 11pm, at 3am, and are getting ready again now. Not a bad night at all, really. I'm traditionally a very light sleeper and am beginning to remember what it means to sleep very, very hard. Exhaustion can do that for you.

This morning, if all the planets align and the girls cooperate, we're going to Coast Community Church. Coast is pastored by Robert Pooley, one of those characters whose blog I read yet have never actually met face to face. In fact, we had never talked on the phone until Thursday, when I was desperately searching for a lawyer to get to the hospital before the State of Florida did.

After church, we'll head east and south to spend the night somewhere before hitting Tampa to say Hola! to the Sjogrens and then down to Sarasota where Kelsey will hole up with friends as I fly back to KC. Kelsey and the twins will follow in a few days when all the legalities are done.

Not sure what Budget Rental Cars is going to say about having picked a car up in New Orleans and dropping it at Tampa. I hope I'm not buying this car...

One reader asked about the vitals - here's what we know...

Ht. 18 inches / 18 1/4 inches
Wt. 5 2 5 7
DOB Sept 16
Hair/eye "color" both brown/brown

Not sure who's oldest. I just grew confident yesterday in telling them apart myself. They're fraternal, but they do look pretty similar at this stage. Doggone cute.


Anonymous said...

cannot wait to see and hold them we are holding the fort here at home zoe says my babie

Anonymous said...

You know if you could have a 30 hour walk-through for your interstate compact like we did then Kelsey could travel with you. :) We are praying for a speedy process so you can all be together as a family very soon!

PS: Thanks for all the updates. It has been such a thrilling adventure to share with you!