TheCall, Rapid Fire Style

  • I never saw more than a few minutes of the TV feed. How'd it look?
  • Props to Steve Brown and Co. The stage looked incredible. I was particularly impressed with the way you rigged the roof to dump gallons and gallons of accumulated rain water on Phil and Megan. Genius, pure genius.
  • Mike Huckabee is a nice man, even to stage hands.
  • Someone, figure out how much bottled water we had. Divide by four. That's the order for California.
  • Someone on the IT team was following @thecalldc twitter. TheCall Twitterati was twittering so feverishly that the guy's phone went into seizures and needed to be rebooted. If you can't tweet with the big dogs....
  • As twittered by @thecalldc, Heather Clark's drummer is the Chuck Norris of percussion. He doesn't pound the drums. He intimidates them into vibrating. Unbelievable, especially up close.
  • I ran the day after TheCall on pure adrenaline. The second day after, I was ready to lay down for hours.
  • Shuttle drivers - never have so few done so much for so many with so little for so long. And I'm sorry you had to double back because we forgot that bag when you dropped us at BWI.


Matthew said...

my friend and i watched it on both GodTV's webstream and the prayer room's webstream. GodTV's webstream was alright...not as clear as IHOP's stream but it looked incredible, much improved since nashville.

the one hysterical thing was by watching the prayer room stream of the calldc...times like when mike bickle came up for an offering, they went back to kansas city for a prayer set and once he was done it went back to the call dc.

priceless! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there were 50,000 bottles of water...for real

Kim Phillips said...

It was a very cool moment when we were having dinner at my parent's house. CNN was on, and suddenly I heard Dwayne Roberts screaming in their living room, "We're calling for a generation of young ones who will lay down thier lives for fasting and prayer..." The newscaster was saying something, but her microphone was turned so low, you couldnt hear her, all you could hear was Dwayne. It was great!!!

Anna Peterson said...

Amen! I loved the comic relief of the rain dump, Mike Huckabee most certainly was a very nice man to this stage hand, and the shuttle drivers (along with the overnight guards) are my heros.