the 24 hr mark

I've been in Kansas City for 24 hours now. I can't quite say 'home' for 24 hrs, because we didn't home until much after midnight to to The Great Shuttle Snafu That Shall Remain Vague, but we're here now.

Today was spent restocking the fridge, going through the pile of bills and checks (more bills than checks, I'm afraid) and attending to a conference call of California leaders regarding TheCall California. I'm sensing momentum out there.

Tonight we attended a Back to School meeting, as school starts tomorrow morning. Grayson is elated in that 'sharpen-every-pencil-in-the-house' way. He loves school. Jackson and Zion are going to simply home school this year. Zion's excited because he thinks he's getting a computer. Jackson's just happy to be up late making cookies.

Tomorrow, I get to return to the swing of the prayer room. Amen. Let's stand.

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