The Wrong Hill to Die On

I'm a rules guy. I don't like a multitude of rules, because rules always begat more rules, but I do like holding to the rules that are there....but this is ridiculous.

Seems like a retiring New Orleans police officer decided to wear the older style uniform shirt on the day he retired - as a tribute to former officer friends who had lost their lives during his career. Against the rules? Yes. But enough to force a reprimand fifteen minutes before retirement?

Granted, there is probably more to this story, but on the surface, this is one of the larger management goofs I've ever seen. Someone's got a death grip on the manual and doesn't know when to let go.


Anonymous said...

OMG...are you KIDDING ME? The guy is RETIRING for Godsakes, do you think he even cares he's going to reprimanded? Probably another reason he wore the shirt on his last day! Its not going to affect his pension so who cares! His superiors need to get a freakin' life!

Anonymous said...

You guys think that was bad - check this story out about a cop who hit another police officer with her car after a high speed chase and then slapped the officer in the face and is not arrested!