Taking Full Credit

So I was hanging out and  shooting the breeze with my homebuddy (neither of us are really homeboys) Steve Sjogren and he was telling me about wearing his "Please forgive me" shirt....it's just that.  A ginormous black tshirt with the words "Please Forgive Me" on it.

Invariably, strangers ask "forgive you for what?"    Steve says, "Well, chances are someone in the church hurt you over the years.  I just want to say I'm sorry it happened and hope you can move forward in knowing God.  Will you forgive me."   

The shirt gets a TON of comments and gets him into all sorts of conversations about the nature of God.

Always looking for an angle, I told him "I'm not so sure I'm up for the blanket apology, but I'd sure as heck wear a shirt that says "please forgive Steve".    Steve laughed so hard he almost spilled his meds.    Sometimes genius does that to you.

So here you go.   

You can now buy "Please forgive Steve" shirts and start your own convers
ations. Read the full explanation here and order one for everybody!

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