We can make it...

We met briefly last night to plan our assault on the Rocky Mountains. The womenfolk talked primarily of things like butter, lard, hard tack, and Costco. The menfolk centered their efforts on manly men things like bike racks and bungees.

Come Saturday, you will see a sight, I tell you.
  • Fifteen individuals.
  • Two large vehicles.
  • Boxes of provisions.
  • GPS and a printed list of ethanol stations.
  • A fist full of dvd's and a couple of laptops.
  • iPods docked and ready to rock.
  • Fourteen bikes and a child seat.
  • A 96oz coffee mugzilla filled with oil-black mojo for a mere 39 cents at any Quickstop in the country.
Had Napoleon been this well stocked, Waterloo might have turned out a little different. We will conquer.

I-70 will feel our wrath....


retro said...

hardtack... you go, pilgrim! CBB

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Don't forget to add George to the list! George, homemade bug spray and lots of lentils.