Pure Genius

I hate it when good ideas get buried in the comment section. I had to bring this one into the limelight. It is in response to my recent post mentioning the Twitter Caste System:
Elliotcable said...

I'm considering creating an app that gives somebody a 'twitter score' based on their number of tweets, number of followers, and number of followees.

For instance, somebody with 5000 followees and 100 followers would have a ridiculously low twitter score, and wouldn't affect your twitter score much. I have 200 followers and 40 followees, but probably 100 of those followers are bots that themselves follow 5000 people, so those wouldn't affect my score as much as a normal, real user following me. Therefore my score would be something like a ratio of 100:40, i.e. a little larger than one.

John Gruber, followed by thousands but following tens, would add HUGE twit-fu to anybody he does choose to follow.
Twit-Fu! Ha! That's awesome! (cue the music....) "everybody was twit-fu fighting...."

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