various and sundry

Thirteen days until we go on a God-provided vacation with some very cool peeps. Crazy how the Lord made a way. Again. This is the Lord. I keep threatening to leave immediately. I'm already plotting ethanol stations across the Buffalo Commons to Colorado.

In the news...
ROME, Italy (AP) -- A fake priest was caught trying to hear confessions in St. Peter's Basilica and was tried by a Vatican tribunal, a Vatican judge said in an interview published Saturday. A judge says a man dressed as a priest tried to take confessions at St. Peter's Basilica.

Rumor has it that he was trying to get the 20 percent full time staff discount in the bookstore.

And finally...a quick shot of Allen Hood laughing after failing the 'put a pen cap on a pen with one eye closed' trick that he was told not to try by the guy preaching in the 8am.

He's a rebel.

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