Happy Anniversary Kelsey!

Monday marks our 19th anniversary. I know I say it with every anniversary or birthday, but where in the heck did all those years go?

Kelsey is a amazing friend, wife and mom. I am so much more than I ever would have been without her that it's frightful to think what might have been had she not succumbed to my manly charms when I met her.

In celebration of 19 years of marriage, here are 10 things you might or might not know about the Bohlenders.

1) The first car we ever bought together was a blue Ford Tempo - a special Kansas City Royals edition. No joke. We bought it a few months before we got married.

2) We have owned one dog...a cocker spaniel that piddled every time you looked at her. My dad's dog led her to her slaughter somewhere on Highway 41 in North Dakota. No charges were ever filed.

3) At 19, Kelsey had 8 teenage foster sons. She cooked for all of us...and had never cooked before (this explains why she's a killer cook now....).

4) She didn't drink much coffee until we met.

5) The first time I took her to North Dakota, the vastness of it all freaked her out a little bit.

6) She eats ice cream from coffee cups, which has always bugged me, but I'll get over it.

7) Our first arguement - one of few, really - was over the question of if I could wear boots to our wedding rehearsal dinner. To save you asking, I did not wear them.

8) We were married a month after her 19th birthday. On our honeymoon the hotel door said "18 and Under Stay Free" and we always talked about how we could have saved a few bucks by hurrying.

9) She's a wicked ping pong player. A little rusty maybe, but give her a warm up and she'd take you to school.

10) At least twice, she's gone ahead to wherever we were moving to and picked out a house without me. Both times, killer houses.

I love you, Kelsey Bohlender!


Tracie said...

Happy Anniversary!
We love you guys.

reallyniceday said...

You guys are awesome! Happy anniversary!

Johnny said...

Congratulations to both of you.