Facing Monday...W@@T!

OK, I pretty much dig Mondays.

I know that sounds nuts, but I like my life and Mondays are always kind of a reboot. No matter how bad the previous week was, on Monday you have yet to screw this week up. Plenty of weeks would have been great weeks had they ended by Wednesday, but no...you had to push on to Friday. Cut your losses, that's what I say. Actually, that's got a bit of a Jante feel to it. Sorry.

As I alluded to earlier via twitter, John Adams by David McCullough is an amazing book. It's remarkably well researched and once you get a feel for it, is a great read. The dedication and zeal this guy had to his fledgling country - more of an idea than a reality for a long time - is amazing. I really like the book because it doesn't make Adams out to be a saint who can't help but be good, but rather a man who chooses to be good in spite of himself some times.

I've always been a history buff but have avoided the American Revolutionary period because I just wasn't much for powdered wigs. What I've read in the last year or two has changed my perspective (on the people, not the wigs).

One great quote, paraphrased - "When most people speak of the revolution, they're actually speaking of the war. In reality, the revolution took place in hearts and minds long before the war was ever fought." - John Adams.

What a great reminder that the currency that powers a revolution is what takes place in peoples' inner man, not the geography and resources...and that once the revolution happens, we can still face a war like we could never have imagined. The battle is real...it's just that the real battle takes place within before a shot is fired.

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Zack said...

Dude that adams book is one of my favs! great read!