Wow. WiFi. Right in the house.

Hey kids, I'm back after a few weeks in DC. I shall now give you the extreme x-games readers digest version of our stay there.

Saw much weirdness. Refer to twitterpations history.

Was introduced to Jante Law (shout outs to my buddy Amy) My entire high school experience suddenly made sense. (Class motto: Stay to the middle of the herd. The wildebeast on the edge is always the one who is eaten.)

Learned to appreciated a hot water heater that could deliver hot water without going into Hurricane Mode, and a/c that didn't leak. Found these things at home, not DC.

Enough of that. I'm back and have a few writing projects on the hook, one for an online magazine, another for a real, live, send your momma a copy magazine, and then getting my thoughts together for next week's SOS in Cincy.

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