America the Unusual, God Shed His Grace on Thee...

There were so many odd aspects to the last three weeks in DC that I really can't go into all of it, but I'll try and blog a few highlights, or weirdlights.

One afternoon in front of the Supreme Court, we watched a man and woman in their forties approach the court steps. She was empty handed but his arms were full with a blanket and a few other things....

Before we knew it, he was holding the blanket up like a wall, cornering her between the blanket and shrub at shoulder level. She was behind the blanket, changing clothes....she emerged in a few minutes wearing a toga.

He announced "Go stand by the steps....I'll get the scales and the blindfold."

"Blindfold?!? What blindfold?" She said.

"Never mind. Here, just put this on." Sure enough, he produced a blindfold and she put it on. He then handed her a large scale and said "Let me get the sword....".

There, in front of the Supreme Court, with the blindfolded toga woman holding the scales, he produced a 3 foot sword that may have been a prop but looked pretty dangerous. Had we not already been praying, this would have certainly got us started in that direction.

He took a few pictures of her (as our friend Shelley took a few pictures of the both of them) and she was quickly ushered behind the blanket again to change out of the toga.

With that, they were gone.

Welcome to Washington.


retro said...

stock photographer. good idea.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that something like the mural on the wall in Burrito Brothers? Or am I remembering wrong?

Randy Bohlender said...

Ha! Jess, you're right! Except they're missing the guy lifting the tortilla up to the burrito god. He must have taken that shot elsewhere.