Oddball Roundup

From the Close the Lid Committee
A 5.9-foot black-headed python was found in a toilet bowl on the 10th floor of an Australian apartment complex. It is believed the snake had been living in the plumbing of the building for some time.

From the Just Along for the Ride Department
Jessica Sudy didn't want a man driving a white Chevrolet Impala to get away with stealing another tank of gas — and part of her monthly bonus. The 4-foot-9-inch Spring Lake Wesco gas station cashier took matters into her own hands Wednesday morning when she hopped into the passenger seat of man's car, hoping that would stop him from leaving.

The Cannonball Returns
These days, entrants must average 61 mph.

editorial: I promise you, I've done better than that from Cinci to Reno in borrowed RV's twice. Methinks they're milking the name of the event for all it's worth.

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