Early Saturday Morning....

Thursday we flew to Indianapolis, grabbed a rental car and did the Flat Foot Boogie to Cincinnati, arriving just in time to check into our hotel and get to the Vineyard to grab a mic and get ready to speak to the 870 high school students gathered there for Summer of Service.

They'd already had a great week with some serious Holy Spirit stuff going on. Vicky Beeching led worship - she lives in Nashville now but has a been a frequent IHOP guest and lurker, so it was great to connect with her. She also played during ministry time. Gotta love a girl guitar player who looks at the speaker and says "Where do we go from here?"....Clone her. Now.

If you followed my twittering, you know that the green room was wonderfully stocked. VCC does hospitality like ICLV does, except at ICLV you might get salmon and at VCC you get three kinds of cheetoes. Not sure which kind suits me best. I like it all.

I felt the talk went ok - reminded me how speaking to students is a full contact sport though. It's the X games of public speaking. I actually felt better about it after reviewing the video this afternoon. A little perspective is a good thing. I did have two problems with my mic - it was just too soft and I ended up nearly shouting for the entire time, and it fit my head poorly. I was nearly ready to become a member of the "throw the mic against the wall club" by the time it was over. I'll try and get a few video clips up soon, including the story of our first extended fast....

This morning, we toured The Healing Center. Yowser. The Vineyard has learned a few things about outreach to the poor - most prominently, treat them with respect, more like customers than recipients of stuff. This building rocks. If you're looking to do ministry to the poor - come visit this place and get ideas.

Tonight we attended Kelsey's high school reunion. I stood awkwardly with the other spouses, not quite grafted into the vine, until I decided to just start making up stories about myself for my own amusement. One guy asked what I did for a living. I said "I'm an astronaut...".

Not listening to me, he looked past me to someone else and repeated "You're an astronaut...".

"Yes, I'm an astronaut. And a race car driver. And some times I do brain surgery."


That'll teach'm to listen.


Earl said...

Astronaut, race car driver, brain surgeon; interesting.

May you reach the heavens as you race through life transforming the way people think.

I think you are all three.

Adam said...

Thank you for standing up for all us awkward husbands at our wives old stomping grounds...you have given me fresh perspective on how to get through the night. From this day forward, I shall run into all awkward situations seeing them as opportunities...thank you Randy Bohlender...you are a role model to us all.

I look forward to hearing some of the vid clips of you talking at SOS. My money is on that you ruined those poor little kids lives (you know, the good kind of Christian ruined) and they are heading back to their respective communities to stick out like sore thumbs...I have never known a mic issue to stop you bro