Who was that?

Thanks to all who made feeble guesses over the last few days regarding the fine young man pictured in the grade school photos.

No one guessed who it was, because most of my readers (I do prefer Twitter's designation, 'followers'....) are not from this area and rarely venture far on the internet.

What I loved was that Adam got the math right in guessing the year and his age, based primarily on the tie.

The boy in question is none other than Scott Hodge. I've known Scott for a while now, although for the life of me, I don't remember how. We were probably both making fun of the same thing or something.

As you can see here, he has kept his cool hair and threads as part of his persona. He fronts Chicago area rock band called The Orchard, and sorry ladies, is married with kids.


Johnny said...

Oh, boy! That was Scott?

Randy Bohlender said...

Who's scott?