feels like summer...

All things environmental are pointing to summer.
  • The Bohlenders made it to the 8:30am service this morning. Actually, this might point to the apocalypse. Anyway, it made for a nice long, warm day.
  • The boys are effectively 'shirts off' unless they're in a restaurant. They run too and fro like a tribe of suburban savages. Game of the weekend - Spear Chuckin', with a cardboard target and a spear fashioned from an old rake handle. Lord of the Flies, baby. They've also taken up football, which is odd to me because I don't think I even owned a football as a kid. Our backyard features flags every ten yards and a 1/4 scale goalpost at one end.
  • I'm sure he wasn't singing of this context, but I can't help but hear Springsteen's 'Girls in their Summer Clothes" when Zoe is playing on the deck, wearing her little striped sun dress. Today, she's sporting the most impish pigtails I've ever seen and manages to find a word for whatever she's trying to say.
  • The other day, Jackson told Zoe "Give me a kiss!" and she retorted "No kiss. Just talk!" That's my girl - keep at it. "No kiss, bubba, just talk..." Gave me flashbacks to the Georgia Satellites. "no huggin, no kissin' 'till I get a weddin' ring..."

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