What you should do right now...

Put your headphones on and crank your speakers up really loud. Perhaps you should take a sip of water. Then, go here.

Three Reasons
This Kirk Franklin Song
Flat Out Rocks.

  • Give the man props. He casts himself as a boxer in the video. With that chest, if Kirk Franklin is a fighter, I'm a fighter too.
  • Who would expect him to sample Kenny Loggins? White guys everywhere shout "Schweeet!". What's next? Prince covers James Taylor?
  • Who else could shout "This is your day! The Lord made it, baby!" I seriously think I'm going to make that into a ringtone to match the one of me shouting "Good Evening, Las Vegas....".

1 comment:

johnloux said...

You could so take Kirk Franklin in a caged fight. My money would totally be on the Bohlenator