No pain, no gain, no access to your stuff.

I hit the road about 4:30am, headed for the gym. I went in and grabbed a locker, then went through my normal routine...

Until it was time to leave. And I realized that my locker key was missing the number tag. And I had no real idea which locker was mine.

I did remember it was wooden. The gym has over 450 lockers, all wooden. I thought it was on top of the two tier arrangement. That broke it down to 225 lockers. And I thought I had a general idea where, but I wasn't sure. It took me fifteen minutes of twisting my key in dozens of lockers to find my stuff.

On the drive home, I notice I had a blister on my right hand from working out. I couldn't figure out what happened because I used the same machines I always do. Finally I shrugged it off as the cost of exercise.

Then it dawned on me. It was the spot where the key was pinched against my finger all those times I was trying to open locked lockers.

No pain, no gain, no access to your stuff.


chuck said...

I get the same blister from clicking my mouse when XP crashes.. No pain, no gain, no really, no gain. Locked up.

Randy Bohlender said...

Of course, I only tried about fifty lockers. You reboot three hundred times a day.

You'd think you'd develop a callous or something.