Codine. It's what's for dinner.

Kelsey had a doctor's appointment this morning and so sickly Grayson tagged along while Grandma watched Zion and Zoe. Jackson - also sick - slept in.

The doctor sent Grayson to Childrens' Mercy ER, where the told us (drum roll...) that he was sick. Thank you, Dr. Understatement. Meanwhile, I started getting text messages about Zion rolling on the floor, crying his tummy hurt.

By the time I got home, everyone was gathering again, quite sick. Not regular sick, but extraordinarily sick....the sort of sick that would have inspired our pioneer forefathers to burn their soddy huts and blankets to move two miles up river and start over, never to return again.

We're not there. yet.

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Kelsey Bohlender said...

I am about ready to burn the blankets. And boil the toothbrushes. I felt like "Bob" today when I kept sanitizing my hands after everything I touched. You never can be too careful. Oh, and don't wear your clothes to bed either -- you'll get pneumonia.