To Sync The Impossible Sync...

I have been on a systems kick lately, particularly in realm of information. With some shifts in my world coming, I am doing all I can to make things as seamless as possible, so I can work uninterrupted for long stretches.

As mentioned earlier, I stuck a fork in the voicemail monster, and by utilizing an email funnel and filter system so complex that it took a whiteboard to devise, I've cut my email load considerably.

Crucial to all this has been getting all my computers and Blackberry to sync email and calendars. I'm telling you, I want my stuff so in sync that if I stick a tuna fish sandwhich in the office refrigerator, I can go home and look in my home fridge and find it.

Fortunately, Apple plays nicely with Google, which I am using to aggregate all my corporate email and my Calendar. The only thing that really was irking me was having to plug in my blackberry to sync it.

(mighty mouse theme/on)
Enter Google to Save the Day.
(mighty mouse theme/off)

Google, or The Google, for you Texans, has this slick sync package for Blackberry. I won't bore you with the details, primarily because I don't have a clue how it works. All I know is that now, if one of my team enters something on my calendar for me, it shows up on my Blackberry automatically. No cable. No pressing sync. POOF. It appears.

Now to work on that tuna sandwich thing. And yes, it would be the Kitchen Sync.

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Cindy Schmidt said...

I am a pitiful Blackberry user- probably not using half the capability - but the other day - POOF- an appointment showed up on MY calendar on my BB - wowwwee- however it happened, it sure was cool:)