Aaagh!!! The gas station that used to ask if I wanted a car wash in sub zero weather now also wants to know my zip code!!!!

Have mercy! Its cold!!!!

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Steeno said...

Funny Story -

I went to the same gas station @ 9:30 PM last night on my way home from IHOP. The wind was blowing and my Snack Wrap was getting cold quickly.

AFter forgetting what side of the car I put the gas in I finally get situated next to the correct pump. I step outside, insert my card, wait.... wait.... wait... then I realize it is asking for my zip code!

The bad thing is this - I forgot my zip code! In the midst of the wind, coldness and the frustration of my snack wrap getting cold, I somehow forgot my zip code. I spent the next ten min. inserting my card typing in random numbers. I finally came to my sense, put ten bucks in my car, and drove off into the cold Kansas night.

A simple 5 min stop turned into 20 min.