This whole sons and daughters thing....

I am blogging quickly with the screen dimmed on my powerbook because I think I jacked up the charger, meaning when it's dead, it's dead....but I wanted to relay a quick thought from TheCall KC.

We closed out the gathering with Jason Upton leading. Jason has been one of my favorites since I heard his song Freedom back in 2000 on the mall in DC. I remember stopping and staring at the stage thinking "who is THIS?"

He played a song I've heard him do a couple of times before...'Sons and Daughters of the Living God" And the lyrics are....pretty much the title. That's it. It's crazy simple...and profound. Something I've noticed is everytime he does it, the place MOVES. People SING. Many weep. It's the greatest testimony I've ever seen to what people really want...to be a son or a daughter of God. It's also a pretty good indication of what a great song is...something that gives words and music to what is innately in peoples' hearts.

Good song writing is not about articulating a new idea. The musician who can put words to peoples' innate emotions will always have people singing along.

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