The Power of Sound

I just found a radio station on iTunes that only plays epic movie soundtracks. It has changed my life. With it playing the background, I feel more heroic and say the most profound things.

I stare blankly out windows. I do that slow turning thing to focus on the coffee pot.

I'm also much more dramatic, make radical, sweeping gestures, and fade to black about every 2 hours.

This is awesome.


Solepsis said...

and how would one find this super-awesome station?

Randy Bohlender said...

Radio Stations > Ambiant > Got Radio > The Big Score

sarah said...

I just laid down all three of my girls for their afternoon nap, and the "Armageddon" soundtrack is playing. The suspense intensity and suspense seems oddly fitting...Will they sleep? Will they cry? Will I snatch a few moments of peace? Normal life does seem a bit more dramatic with a constant soundtrack!

Ronni said...

OH man... my husband is like, what ARE you doing? And WHY did I get full orchestration look for cookies? LOLOL That is great... LOL

Matthew said...

Do spontaneously let out a manly roar of blood lust? That's the real litmus test for epic music.