There are eight bajillion church plants that have launched in the last three years.

Between them, they are doing one of four different sermon series'.

Remind me again why the previous generation thought church had to be boring and God was uncreative.

I am not arguing for reinventing the wheel, but last time I checked the wheel was Jesus. For crying out loud, can you at least write your own sermon titles?


Earl said...

Being that the Creator has made how many billions of people and none of them are exactly alike, yet all have the same body parts and function in the same manner, maybe we could tap into some of His creativity.

I'd go for a change!

Hmmm, what will my sermon title be tomorrow? Maybe I'll just not give it a title.

A Sermon with No Name... Now that reminds me of a song, kinda dry though.

Anonymous said...

Doing a series here called Great 08. I'm nervous now, is that one of the four? I made it up myself - honest.

christa said...

just curious, what four series are they doing? Wondering if it is what my pastor is doing??

gary said...

No way. If I wrote my own sermon titles that would take away from my Guitar Hero time. :)

Randy Bohlender said...

Steve - the word 'great' and the number '08' are both trademarked, but I think it was so long ago that they're not public domain.

Christa - I'm not saying because these guys are all reading blogs instead of writing sermons and they'll toast me for sure.

Gary - that is the best comment I've had on here in ages! Ha!

Sean The Red said...

I'm for reinventing the wheel. Actually, de-inventing it. All this preaching is making me sleepy.


Ann Kimmel said...

SUCH a pet peeve of mine! Now if you could direct some cyber-energy on all those plastic thingys that eternally strap children's toys in their boxes, I would really find some inner peace.

I soooo hear ya.