next stop - cincinnati, ohio

TheCall Tech and Design Peeps (one of each, really) pulled an all nighter to build out TheCall.com with it's new look. You do NOT understand what a big deal this is. Two highlights: The look is gorgeous, and it works on our original platform! This means we get a great site and I don't technically need to learn squat! Mark and Brandon - you guys rock!

You can even download sweet flash banners like the one below. Of course, when you do, it will be larger because I had to make it fit here. Note the swank countdown that will keep itself current! Click on the banner and get your own...

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Ronni said...

I clicked no less than 60 times... hrm. Okay now that my hand is numb... I'll just go to the other site... CINCI!!! WOOO HOO!!!

Okay so I'm stoked. Alot. :)