Thanksgiving Recap...

The two geniuses, Zion and Friar Cluck, getting ready to fry the turkey. Zion is hardcore into assembly while Sean reads the instructions first. Given the involvement of 350 degree oil and an open flame, I was a bit concerned to realize he hadn't already memorized them. Nevertheless, the bird was fine.

I realized the other day that it's been a while since I blogged a good photo of Jackson. He's now 14, taller and bulkier than me...but I still put him in the leaves today in the front yard. Yes, because I can. Age and treachery will overcome youth and strength every time.

Zoe and Grandma B, who Zoe loves with the fervor that she normally reserves for...uh, ok, she reserves no fervor for anything. She loves everyone and everything, particularly her big Curious George stuffed monkey. She saw Curious George on tv in Grandma's room the other morning and was stunned - he walks! He's alive!

Left to right - back row: Danielle & Sean Henry, Mary Gliserman, Jessica Gliserman, Sarah 'Spunky' Kim, Grandma B, and yours truly.
Left to right - front row: Emily Gliserman, Grayson, Zion, Jackson & Kelsey
Low, front and facing backwards: Zoe
Missing: Joseph Gliserman (taking the shot) Mark Griffo, Israel and Judah Henry (who made early exits).

I love this picture if only for the face Zion is making. Click it to enlarge....

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Earl said...

You gave me a good idea today. You mentioned that Jackson is taller that you and I'll soon have that situation as my 17 yr. old son comes ever closer to my 6'2" height -he's 6'1 3/4" and don't forget it- ... but I saw that you had Jackson sitting in the family picture. Good idea... nobody will ever know he is taller... yea, there's still hope.

We'll actually I'll celebrate the day my son is taller the I, just as I'm sure you are doing. Blessings to your olive trees around your table, arrows to be carefully formed, aimed and released.

Much agreement to your blog on "selfish parents". These blessings [7 for me] are not for a selfish-one.