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I uploaded the teaching section of RandyandKelsey.com with a message I preached at ICLV on the Wednesday before TheCall Las Vegas.

In this message, I explore some thoughts about the Rewiring of the American Dream. Those thoughts are still in the cooker, but I believe I'll look back at the introduction from this message as the raw materials of a more finished written work down the road.

The evening this was recorded was a very emotional connect for me on several levels - we had invested a lot of hours, prayer and pondering into the Las Vegas event and we were taking Zoe back to Las Vegas (where we'd adopted her just over a year before).

Add to that the fact that we'd rushed from the airport to In-n-Out to the church, having a minor traffic accident on the way (no scratch, no foul...). I felt incredibly scattered as I walked on to the stage, but it seemed to land well.

Also updated the front page with TheCall Ohio video. :)

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Earl said...

Awesome thoughts and message on the Rewiring of the American Dream. You have hit the nail on the head.

Lord may we be content.