Preachapalooza Conclusia

Kelsey and I are done with a very busy weekend in Cincinnati, where we came up one short of our all time record for speaking engagements in one extended weekend.
  • We really like to teach...but this was a busy couple of days. We did 13 sessions in Souix Falls, SD earlier this year, but only in 2 locations and they were much closer together! Come to think of it, we also left directly for vacation after that...
  • Kelsey does better than I do in typical church settings. I thrive in funky venues. I dug speaking at Westside's theatre. Kelsey was off the CHARTS tonight at CLC, where 300 people jammed into the 250 seat auditorium. Somebody he'p me!
  • Traveling with Zoe is MUCH easier when Mercy comes with us! Shout outs to the Wonder Assistant for serving way the heck beyond the call of duty.

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christa said...

Hey Randy, saw you and Kelsey and Zoe at Chipotle that Saturday you were in cincy...would have said hi, but you were standing by the door waiting for someone. Plus you intimidate me!! when we were walking to the door my husband said "hey isn't that Randy Bohlender???" mostly joking because he hasn't seen you in awhile and I said "Well yeah it is, but don't say hi, he wouldn't remember me!!" Zoe is beautiful by the way!