Between services....

I love church in a theatre. There's a decided vibe in a church where you can buy cologne in the mens room.

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Fun with Fairchildren said...

Scott and I went this morning to hear you speak...and man, you ROCKED..We wanted to get to our feet and jump up and down a couple of times during your talk. This is such an answer to prayer for us crying out that the church in Cincinnati would be awakened to the hour we are living in!Thank you, thank you , thank you.

p.s. Maybe we will "win" Danielle back to Cincinnati yet!!

Ryan Detzel said...

Hey Randy thanks for meeting up with us and dropping a great message off.

We really appreciate you sharing your time and talents with us.

My wife and I along with a few others went to Tim and Joanne's later on to watch the football game and we watched the video of Ellie coming home from China. It was awesome and it sealed the message even further...there were probably 20 of us in the room.

I'm excited personally to get more info on The Call and see what I can do to stir people's hearts.

Adios brother...Love Wins.


Ronni said...

Dude you were both off the hook tonight! I've never gotten to hear Kelsey "live" and woah. I'd love to sit and pick her brain for a few hours!

What an incredible night... I'm grateful I get to do this stuff anymore. I am amazed every time God shows up like that. My crew was all talking about it all the way home...