Timing is (almost) everything.

Jesus' brothers must have been a handful. Brothers generally are...but add the factor of having a brother who thinks He's God's gift to the world (because He is) and it was bound to get tense at times.

In John 7, his brothers take a poke at him, encouraging him to go on some sort of World Miracle Tour, maybe even get some air time on late night TV, because (verse 4) "No one who wants to become a public figure acts in secret. Since you are doing these things, show yourself to the world!". The Bible goes on to clarify that they were not being zealous supporters, but that they didn't believe Him to begin with. This was not brotherly encouragement.

Jesus, in all His wisdom, levels his gaze and tells them "The right time for me has not yet come; for you, any time is right." The text makes it appear as if he goes right on talking, but in the Movie in my Head version, there's a pause there.

"For you...any time is right." His point is clear. There is a blind opportunism held by people who think that the time is now no matter what the question is. They get themselves to the front of the line, they get their cards in the hands of the right people, they self promote because they fully believe the lie that says if it's to be, it's up to me.

Gang, if it's up to you, you're sunk. When Jesus said "For you, any time is right..." he was not encouraging them to go for it. He was pointing out that for someone who is relying fully on their own faculties, then you'd better take any chance you get...but as One who was relying on more - on the will of the Father, for instance - timing was everything.

God help us keep the view that promotion comes from the Lord.

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