I've been on a post Vegas glide plane for the last 48 hours, but it's time to power up and ease back on the yoke again tomorrow.

I teach at the Daniel Academy in the morning, then run to the office to prep for my team meeting, where the peeps will talk about what worked (no chairs on the floor) and what didn't (I'm not giving examples of what didn't work) in Vegas as we look toward..
  • Dec 31 in Kansas City - we're gunning for 30,000+ to ring in the New Year with prayer and fasting.
  • Jan 12 in Cincinnati - TheCall comes to one of my hometowns! Join us at the US Bank Arena.
  • Feb 2 in Florida - The Silver Spurs Arena will be the venue. One of our smaller sites so register yesterday.
And points beyond...including two in Cali if the state doesn't go up in smoke.

I am freaking less about facing multiple gatherings in rapid succession than I was a week ago, primarily because we finally have one under our belt.

We didn't nail everything, but we did some stuff right and covered our goofs with amazing acumen. Plus, now we know what those goofs are and we can go do bigger goofs.

Which reminds me to call the venue in Los Angeles....and find a transportation coordinator in each city...and locations for the 3 day school of intercession prior to TheCall...and figure out how many bottles of water we actually drank during the day on Saturday so we can make adjustments next time...and see if Brandon can get that donated copier actually copying...


Anita Hensley said...

was only able to be there from 8:30AM to about 4PM but that Matt G (I know he likes diet coke) and team (Naomi and Will) sure worked! I was powerfully blessed by them and also the information on human trafficking. Mike, Lou, Misty always work. just in case you wanted another opinion.

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Whenever I needed the copier to work here, I just had Brandon stand in the same room with it...

Theresa said...

Looking forward to details for The Call in Berkley. I drove by there a couple of weeks ago and got excited for next Spring.