Coming soon...to a powerbook near me.

Many of you emailed your regrets about my 40th Birthday Edition (my birthday, that is) Timbuk2 bag that was ripped from my very clutches immediately after arriving in the mail.

Enter my wonderful peeps. As a spontaneous expression of their appreciation for me, the boss...or because they were tired of hearing the pitiful story....they all chipped in and gave me a belated birthday present - a gift card to the online Timbuk2 store!

To replace the sedentary, coffee and rust colored messenger bag that I had bought on eBay, I went on to the Timbuk2 Design Your Bag section of their website and designed a custom, tricolor work of laptop bag art. Green, grey and black with a grey Timbuk2 swirly, this bag screams "The owner may be 40, but this is not your father's briefcase...". It has a padded slot for the ol' powerbook and a custom black liner (my original Timbuk2 had a white liner, meaning in quickly was marked up by the errant Pilot G2 left open in the bottom of the bag).

Thanks to the peeps for this! If UPS holds up it's end of the deal - and we don't inadvertently leave it on the roof of the truck - I'll be sporting it Tuesday at IHOP!

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