Burning thoughts...

I was waiting for early for my flight out of Vegas last night and actually got to watch the replay of the previous night's rally on God.tv - that was kind of surreal. :)

Sitting there, I got a phone call from Derek: "We are at the Reno airport and I think we are surrounded by Burning Man people!"

I ask "Why do you think that?"

"They're all covered with white dust!". Yep. That's them. Derek and Renee were boarding a flight to Las Vegas, where their connecting flight was my flight too (John Jacob Jinglehiemer Schmidt....). We all joined the C line but made it home around 1am.

OK, this is wild.

For six months or more I have been preaching/prophesying the rewiring of the American Dream.

Right now, the American Dream is the hope that each generation would do better financially than the previous generation. This decades-long pipe dream drives our economy, particularly in the real estate and psychiatric care areas. I'm calling for a rewiring of the American Dream, so that each generation goes further in God than the previous one, standing on the shoulders of those who've gone before. I want that for my kids. All the advantages I've eeked out without the hang ups.

In light of the new American Dream I'm calling for...check out today's announcement from Burning Man. They have announced the 08 theme (usually they wait 'till January or so).

Hmmm. Perhaps this is a summons.

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