Report from I-80, mile marker 326, westbound

We are bearing down on Grand Island at a high rate of speed, having left Sioux Falls around 3pm. Next stop will include food.

After all the teaching sessions I sound remarkably like Barry White and am practicing saying things like "Hey Baby....". No one in the truck or any of the cows we're passing seems remotely impressed. These cows are uncultured swine.

Speaking of hogs, we are seeing a lot of hog riders heading to the Sturgis rally. Quite a colorful lot, cultured or otherwise.

In Sioux Falls I discovered our Suburban will run on E85 (ethenol). Given that it was eighty cents a gallon cheaper, I partook of the Road Whiskey. Eighty cents on 30 gallons is a nice little savings.

More later, friends.
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carl said...

You are using the wrong catch phrase. Cows are partial to "Sure you right."