Dateline: Aug 5, North Platte, NB

We drove most of the way across Nebraska today after I preached the two AM services at Church at the Gate. Great peeps up there - we really dig the pastor and his family!

Interestingly enough, just before we pulled off the highway to stop for the night, I was passed - quite handily, I must say - by a Ford Explorer with a cartop carrier, trailed by a Jaguar with a cartop carrier of it's own! Who puts a cartop on a Jag?!?! Crazy thing was, they HAD to be pushing 95mph. I actually saw them at the hotel parking lot. I asked the lady driving the Jag how much noise that thing makes at that speed...she insisted it didn't make any noise at all. Right.

Oh, and Gary made his long anticipated big announcement. Bro, after all that hype I was thinking you were either endorsing polygamy or charting an Awanas club. A name change? You kept us all hanging for a name change? Seriously, I like the new name. More movement-sounding, less subdivision.

Yawn. Maybe I'm just sleepy.


Jim Brown said...

Hey daddio.. It was great having you here in Sioux Falls. I am steal soaking in that message you gave! safe travels muchacho. Here is a link to my blog.
-Jim Brown N campus pastor CatG http://jamesshawbrown.blogspot.com/

gary said...

Sorry to disappoint :)

Name change is huge especially when you have spent as much time working to make our name known in this community.

I like the name too and the reason you listed is the #1 reason I like it. :)